Great eating from the white trash of Asia

A blog’s first post starts with a manifesto, bluster, and the raw energy that comes from somebody’s conviction that they have words in them that are relevant to the rest of the world. Then the blog usually dies, so I’ll get straight to the point.

In the 70s, around the time that I was born, Singapore’s erstwhile leader Lee Kuan Yew, after a few meals in Sydney pronounced Australia to be “the white trash of Asia”. He then set his nation on a course to become Australia’s most popular tourist destination. Poetic economic justice. He later recanted the statement but the “white trash” moniker sticks because it is true. Australians are still outsiders in Asia, but now, thanks to the immigration policies of long defunct governments and amazing raw ingredients, Australians cook great Asian cuisine.

So I plan to document it. in and the rest of the world.