2012 Food Trend Generator

Once again, it is the time of the year when food journalists wheel out the world’s worst portmanteau, the listicle, and predict where food trends will head in 2012. For a writer, they’re brilliant content. No editor is going to sack you if Cambodian does not become the new Thai or the world’s predicted hottest restaurant closes. Your audience does not hold you accountable if the hot food destination that you suggest collapses into civil war. So why not let a machine do the work?

Here’s my automatically generated predictions for the hot food trends of 2012. If they come true, you owe me money.

  1. Icelandic Vegetarianism
  2. Caraway Seeds are the new Salted Caramel
  3. Hot Kitchen Tool: The Lariat
  4. New Habit: Horsemeat Sunday
  5. Icelandic Modernism
  6. Food Destination: Tunisia

Press Reload for increasingly accurate 2012 food trends.

6 Comments 2012 Food Trend Generator

  1. Amanda

    Very useful, thanks Phil. As Kerry said – why waste time on research when we can just refresh the list and make something up. Much more creative, too.

  2. Maylee

    I love your trend generators, i’d like to do my own one for development either in virtual or fridge magnet form where you can generate your own development issue using a range of words such as: youth, female genital health, green economy, sustainable, gender, governance, political economy of…., microfinance, poverty, child, women, alleviation, forests, environment, transparency, corruption, ethnic minority, rights, climate change, biofuels…blah blah blah

    Hope you and the family are well. Come visit sometime.

    1. Phil Lees

      Shandy Thursday is in full effect in my household. I’ll put together an NGO project and brief generator. Transparent OVC-based biofuel. Green economy alleviation without borders.


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