Alfajores in Maidstone

Melbourne’s west never ceases to dumbfound me when it comes to food. Maidstone is one of Melbourne’s least remarkable suburbs and thanks to the housing boom is making the direct transition from unremarkable council flats to unremarkable McMansions; rusting Camrys in the front yard making way for houses that touch three of the four boundaries of a property. The shopping strip on Mitchell St however is possibly the only place in Australia where a Sichuan takeaway joint is next door to a South American cake shop. It’s a veritable barrio chino.

Marciano’s Cakes in Maidstone specialises in South American sweets of which the above alfajor is representative. It’s a biscuit filled with dulche de leche and probably about ten times my daily intake of glucose in a single hit. I have no idea if this is a good one: it’s the first that I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Eurasian Sensation

    I dig Marciano’s, I visit their other shop in Clayton for a cake or two. Though it’s not a good place to go when you are trying to stay in shape. Too much temptation.

    Alfajores and dulce de leche fans need also to check out Gelatello in Chapel St Windsor. Their signature ice cream (called Gelatello as well) is dulce de leche flavour mixed with crushed alfajores. Sublime.


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