Bad Korean food ideas: Meat in a waffle cone


Not a moment passes when I don’t think that the ultimate summer food experience would be to have a cone of gelati in one hand and a cone of grilled steak in the other. And possibly a third hand for an India pale ale. Despite what fast food companies will have us believe, not every food is designed to be eaten with one hand and I believe that Balena is pushing the boundaries of sanity by presenting Chicken Alfredo in a cone.

See also: Balena website

8 Comments Bad Korean food ideas: Meat in a waffle cone

  1. DJ

    i would swear you made that up in photoshop except a) the vietnamese once tried to offer to offer me stir-fried anus. those people will eat just about anything; and b) i happen to trust you

  2. DJ

    i take it all back! it’s Korea! haha wasn’t paying attention. i do however love that you have a category for food on your site called ‘one handed food’! excellent work

  3. Phil

    I was actually going to post the other five or so photos of the store simply because it does look like such a dodgy photoshop/prank. Even the website looks like somebody is fishing for diggs.

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