Brandy Wine Pink Tomato


Apropos of nothing, here is my favourite tomato from this year’s crop. I’d love to give you an exact variety but it came from a pack of seeds that mixed ten heirloom varieties, which sprouted at random. At a guess, it’s a Brandy Wine Pink, a variety from the US first grown at some point in the late 1800s. Anyone with better horticultural skills, feel free to correct me.

3 Comments Brandy Wine Pink Tomato

  1. Jeffalina

    I have had zero luck with tomatoes this year – too wet, I guess – but this one looks like a beauty. Maybe it will be a better season next year!

  2. Phil Lees

    I had the best year for tomatoes that I’ve ever had – although if you look closely at the above tomato, it has split on the far side of it – which is due to the wet.

  3. Queenotisblue

    It looks a bit red to be the Brandy wine pink variety, or did you saturate the colour? Nonetheless, a great photo and a great tomato season this past summer for me too.


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