Choul Chnam Thmei: Cambodian is the New Thai

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While I’ve been saying for what seems like years that Sihanoukville is the new Luanda, in one of its final posts of the year, Epicurious has announced that for 2008, Cambodian food will supplant Thai food.

A triangulation between Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai cooking, Cambodian’s emphasis on noodle dishes, curries, stir fries and prahok, the strong-flavored fish paste, will grow in popularity. Cambodian food has stronger flavors than Vietnamese, slightly more subtle that Thai and is not as heavy as Chinese.

Also, cheers to everyone who donated to Menu For Hope. Over US$90,000 was raised. Prize draw to come.

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  2. Phil Lees

    I love prominent foods, but I’m not sure that I’m an expert in them. I enjoyed that the article also mentions the attempt to burn the Thai embassy in Phnom Penh to the ground. I’m expecting a similar sort of uproar from the Thai side when the news gets around that prahok khtis is the new tom yam.

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