Does Gordon Ramsay write his own extrafood column in the Herald Sun?

Gordon Ramsay’s Humble Pie was a 2006 bestseller but it was the award-winning feature writer Rachel Cooke who quietly wore out the “f” key on her laptop. Then again, she can afford a new computer, having pocketed a rumoured £100,000 share of Ramsay’s rumoured £750,000 advance.

From “Literary Haunts”, The Times, November 12, 2007. Surely Ramsay has much more lucrative things to do with his time than pen a few hundred words a week for extrafood in Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper. So who is the food writer at Gordon Ramsay Holding’s PR agency, Sauce Communications? Any idea, Ed?

5 Comments Does Gordon Ramsay write his own extrafood column in the Herald Sun?

  1. Ed

    Of course no celebrities write anything and Gordon (or Jamie) are no different. They’ll have a whole team doings all the recipe columns and books. Probably not in the PR company in their cases though which would just facilitate it happening.

  2. Pat

    Anyone who has ever subbed raw copy from a “celeb” will assure you writing isn’t often their forte. Ghost writing is alive and well…

  3. DJ

    i dunno, but it doesn’t just happen with writing – i once worked on a Jackie Chan film – he’s mostly famous for ‘doing all his own stunts’ and let me tell you, that guy doesn’t get out of his trailer unless it’s a close-up. at least the stunt guy seemed to have his own entourage of groupies….


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