Epic Armageddon IPA

If you were going to split beer enthusiasts into two broad churches, one would worship the malt and yeast characters in beers made by actual monks; the other would worship hops and flee to the New World, or more specifically, Portland, Oregon.

As for the site of Armageddon, neither party would have picked New Zealand, from whence this beer came. It is certainly the American, hop-filled vision of the end times rather than one imagined by Trappists.

Epic Armageddon IPA

Epic says: “In the beginning, there was nothing. Then an impish brewer piled a ludicrous amount of hops into a batch of beer. This zymurgical big bang is Epic Armageddon, an apocalyptic assault on your preconceptions and taste buds. It may be too huge for this fragile planet so enjoy this beer like it was the last one on Earth”

I say: Pours a orange-copper color. The aroma is hops, the flavour is hoppy to the point of being oily and resinous; pine forest and orange. No maltiness or any other character, just hops, which amply conceals the 6.66% alcohol punch. The finish is bitter. It’s unbalanced just like a good India pale ale should be.

ABV: 6.66%

3 Comments Epic Armageddon IPA

  1. Austin

    Great to see you blogging again, Phil. Hock and I thoroughly enjoy all the Epic beers we could get our mitts on, although I seem to recall that the one you mention was a bit too hoppy for my tastes.

    You’re making me homesick with your talk of Portland…

  2. Phil Lees

    Yep, I’m back on the wagon. I thought that Armageddon wouldn’t be even close to hoppy enough for you, Austin. Also, I’ve just realised that I have now reviewed more New Zealand beers on this blog than beer from anywhere else.


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