F-Shed at Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

F-Shed at Queen Vic Market, Melbourne
At 8:30am this morning, in the moment before the sun rose above the cloud cover

2 Comments F-Shed at Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

  1. rach

    I have such mixed feelings about the Vic Markets. Actually, no, I don’t. If I can rouse myself to get there before the hordes of bogan tourists do I quite like it. The vegetables are good and plentiful, I typically spend too much on cheese, and my love for Vic Markets borek is strong.

    But the tourists, the tourists, with their dawdling and their donut eating and their incessant photographing of the vegetables. Please don’t give me a dirty look when I go to, you know, buy that eggplant you were so originally attempting to photograph. Some people do their grocery shopping there, you know.

    Still, this is a lovely shot of the markets before they turn hateful.

  2. Phil Lees

    My feelings too, are unambiguous: if I can’t make it there before 9:00am, I tend not to go at all. I spend too much on smallgoods, crustacea, cheese, salty Warrnambool butter; and either borek or sausage in equal amounts. After getting back from Cambodia, I feel let down by the vegies: not so much the freshness but the variety of more Asian greens. I’m thinking of changing my allegiance to the Footscray Market.


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