Google Search Trends 2013 are wrong.

Over the past few years, Google has released a set of listicle-friendly data to stuff into the maws of hungry time-poor journalists. Here’s the list of the biggest recipe searches in Australia for according to their 2013 report – those that are “Most searched – Search topics with the largest search volume”.

The weird thing this year is that it doesn’t add up – at least, if you use the publicly available data from Google Trends that the lists point towards. Here’s how two of Australia’s biggest recipe searches look for “chicken recipe” and “cake recipe” compared to the top few trends that they’ve listed.

Their “Overseas Destinations” chart maps “Disneyland” as the most popular overseas destination searched by Australians. Here’s how that compares to where Australians tend to go overseas on holiday.

Have I missed something? Anyone know why Google is a bit off this year?

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  1. Nathan

    I noticed some seriously flawed charts in Google Trends itself, which reports countries like Laos and Cambodia (which have very poor internet infrastructure) as topping the charts for terms like “japan.” The AdWords tool reports 200,000 monthly USA searches for this term vs. 1,000 for Laos.


    Guyana apparently searches for miley cyrus more than the USA, as well.


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