Hite touts shite stout

hite stout

Brewer: The Hite,

Scouting about for a stout with no clout? Shout for Hite Stout.

There are two things wrong with this stout. Firstly, that it’s black; and secondly, that it is not labelled as “lager” anywhere on the bottle. It is beer at its most deceptive. It’s a brewery’s equivalent of a Decepticon that uses your body to transform back into urine.

ABV: 4.5%

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  1. alex

    Hello, I am a little bewildered by your comments on this beer.

    1. the appearance of many Stout style beers is dark brown to jet black
    2. A Stout beer is _not_ a lager. It is an Ale.
    3. Many styles of Stout are from 4-6% ABV (Although a Russian Imperial stout can get up to 12%)

    Here are the professional beer judge style guidelines for a Stout (BJCP)

    You could be confusing”Stout” with “Strong”

  2. Phil

    Black Lager , eh? After tasting this beer, I had literally no idea how to classify it – but Schwarzbier definitely sounds much closer and informed than me just being snide


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