How to food blog: breaking Food Buzz

I know that this is a little trite, but relearning how to play Javascript for the 4 Ingredients post has emboldened me to break Food Buzz, the giant “Web 2.0” food blog content scraper. If you want to stop Food Buzz from using your content (but still retain the incoming links and traffic from Food Buzz), put the following bit of code between the <head> </head> tag on your blog.

<script type="text/javascript">

if (top.location!= self.location) {
top.location = self.location.href


This will redirect the framed Food Buzz pages back to your unframed site. For example, go to and you’ll be redirected.

Just as a small warning for Blogspot users: this affects the ability to edit the template on your blog. If you have any problems editing your template, turn off javascript in your web browser. Once you’ve finished editing, turn javascript back on.

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  1. Karen

    Hi Phil, this code doesn’t seem to work on my blog. I’m using Blogger and I placed the code directly after , then directly before . But both doesn’t seem to work, and the Foodbuzz frame’s still there. Any suggestions? Much appreciated :)

  2. neil

    We had edible culture captured inside their frame and emailed them to take it out. That worked. I would really have liked to try this code out otherwise. It is really neat. Alternatively write something in your blog about them using your content without consent, depending on what licence you are using. That would then appear on their site under their header.
    Edible Culture, Sydney.

  3. Matt C

    Thank you so much for this tip! It works perfectly on blogger.

    For fitzroyalty up there, maybe try again? I put it immediately before the tag, after everything else in the header. Works a treat, stops the framing thing while not affecting normal traffic at all.

    Thank you!!

  4. Angie

    OMG thanks so much for this I dont care for them, but have met so many wonderful people there. I feel like they are stealing my rss, and I dont know how to stop them. I wouldn’t care if it went to my site, but II dont like them, and I have made that clear to them in correspondence.

  5. Kathy Gori

    I added the code and it removed the iframes from my site on Foodbuzz also removed any ability I have to go in and adjust any html on my site…what do I do now..i can’t even get in there and take this piece of code out. I’m using blogger by the way.

  6. M. Velez

    Thank you so much for this tip. It was very helpful and it works like a charm. I’m a new food blogger and I suspected the problem with Foodbuzz when I noticed that my Google Analytics doesn’t even show Foodbuzz as a referring site and supposedly I have quite a few page views through them. The only explanation is that they’ve been stealing traffic no doubt. I read somewhere in another article that it could translate to stealing ad impressions too. Thank you again!


    1. Jen Cote

      Wow- thanks! I wondered if it was just me, but apparently not. So annoying, “capturing” people, keeping them on the Foodbuzz site. I was also bummed when, some time after joining (in 2008), they stopped allowing live links in comments. You can still leave code (“hey, stop by my site here”), but no live link. I suppose they’re just trying to make money… Still, annoying!


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