How to make mayonnaise in 20 seconds

Why don’t marketers show you this when they sell immersion blenders? This is no Cuisinart or Braun, it’s the cheapest plastic model on the market.

The hours that I’ve wasted, whisk in one hand and slowly drizzling oil in the other, or more likely queuing with my sorry jar of Praise at a store. No more.

The world’s laziest mayonnaise recipe:

Prep time:
Total time:
Yield: 1 cup

Crack an egg into your immersion blender container. Don’t even bother to separate the yolk. Add two teaspoons of dijon mustard, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. Pour in 200ml of oil. I’m using canola because I’m being both cheap and lazy; if you’re neither of these things, spend some time researching the various olive oils and making tasting notes. Put hand blender to the very bottom of the container and blend until it thickens into mayonnaise.

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  1. Hock

    Hi Phil

    I had never seen that before, sent the link to my mother who so happened to get a fancy stainless “whizzy stick” as she liked to call it for her birthday.

    Wish you were both here……so any beers (no BBQ though). their IPA is my favourite so far, although I reached for a Emerson’s oatmeal stout instead of a whisky for a post dinner drink the other night.



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  3. a-s

    That’s how my mom showed me to do ! I never did it differently, I just don’t put all the oil in one time. I just make sure all the ingredients are at the same temperature.
    Maybe it’s the belgian way ?!?
    And by the way, you have a great and interesting blog. Thank you !

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  7. CharlieR

    Well, i’ll be dammned. It’s that easy, is it? Thanks a whole bunch. I didn’t know that at all.

    I’m in Canada.

  8. susie

    I just wanted to say that I chanced upon this website looking for an easy way to make mayo.
    This recipe is AMAZING!! I don’t know why mayonnaise is considered to be so difficult, I followed this recipe…fairly loosely too by the way and voila!!! perfect mayonnaise….THANKYOU!!!!

  9. sue

    Hi, thanks for that.I had just chopped stuff for coleslaw and realised I had run out of mayo- qu7ick search on google and hey presto 5 mins later slaw on table!
    I donĀ“t think I shall bother buying mayo again!

      1. Emily

        I’ve used this recipe and others to make mayonnaise and I’ve kept it for longer than a month or even 2 months with no problem. When you think about it, all the ingredients by themselves would last that long. The only thing I found was that after a while it started to separate a little which stirring a bit remedied. There was no bad smell and I continued to eat it.

  10. shazz

    I had heard about this, and was very pleased how it turned out! I too followed the recipe fairly loosely, just to give me an idea of how to go on. Wrapped!

  11. Dottie

    So simple and so delish!

    Note to self: make sure immersion blender fits in container! Was fully loaded and ready to go when realized the blender did to fit in the jar. Dumped it in larger container and allowed to settle for a few minutes, PERFECT! Gotta love a sturdy recipe.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Heather Greene-Smith

    what wattage of an immersion blender do you need? I have one and I think it’s a 100 watt and I tried making mayo only to have it fail. I don’t think I made a mistake with the ingredients, as I have been cooking for 30 plus years. I had a better immersion blender only to lose it during a move, and my daughter gave me hers… I can see why with it being only a 100 watts. So, what’s the verdict? My fault, or do I need more wattage?

      1. Heather Greene-Smith

        I bought an Oster 250 watt immersion blender today and voila! Homemade mayo in 20 seconds! I think this basic recipe could be made so many ways with chives, or cilantro, or horseradish… the list goes on and on! Thanks!

    1. Emily

      You can save failed mayo by taking some additional mustard with a tiny bit of the failed mayo mixture and mixing that together while gradually adding more and more of the old mixture. There’s a video about it on YouTube somewhere. I’ve tried this and it works.

  13. Uri Fanz

    Is no one concerned about bacteria? These are raw eggs after all. I realize the chance is remote, but Salmonella is no joke. I love the idea, but wouldn’t it be good to pasteurize the eggs first?

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  15. Pam

    Thanks, I used to have a French hand crank mayo maker and can’t find one anymore. I now have the electric wisk and homemade mayo again.

  16. narf7

    Cheers…just found my immersion blender container (husband had pinched it for the bathroom) and remembered that “somewhere” there was a recipe for mayo using an immersion blender. Thanks for being that “somewhere” :)

  17. louise

    Ever the sceptic I really did not think this would work. BUT IT DOES. It’s amazing. I used half olive oil and half groundnut oil as I think olive oil is too rich and a little extra lemon juice. Absolutely fantastic. A revelation.

  18. julie

    I would recommend using only the egg yolk because raw egg white is not healthy…while the yoke is fine (unless you’re particularly worried about salmonella, which is very rare).

  19. india

    Found your blog via another site whilst searching for a recipe that would allow one to make organic mayo that tastes like Hellman’s Real Mayo.

    This recipe looks amazing and, based on the comments it is. My dilemma is that I don’t have an immersion blender. I DO have an old style Waring blender. Is it just as possible to make good mayo with a blender?

  20. Mike FB

    Just saw this while browsing. Check out the videos on YouTube which show a similar technique to prepare Mustard Aioli. Takes about a minute but same technique. Only change is use of EVO instead of Canola oil, and also the addition of anywhere between 3-6 cloves of peeled garlic. Recomends using just the egg yolks at a ratio of one yolk per 1/3 cup of oil. You often get a suggestion to add lemon juice at end of mix and to do so sparingly. Ditto salt. And Gordon Ramsay swears that adding salt onto egg yolks directly has a negative impact on the aioli.

  21. Ben

    I use a pasteurized egg product for my mayo. You know, like EggBeaters. Other than that, I’ve been doing this for years, and yeah, it’s great.

  22. Marcos

    Just made the most delicious mayo ever!
    Tweeked the ingredients just a bit:
    Makes slightly more than 1 cup.

    1 fresh room temp. egg
    1 Tablespoon cold water
    1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
    1 Teaspoon dijon mustard
    1 Teaspoon champaign vinegar
    7 twists of fresh ground sea salt
    A pinch of garlic salt
    200ml canola oil

    Place ingredients into a clear beaker (came with stick mixer).
    Allow to settle (about 45 seconds). Place mixer all the way to
    the bottom of beaker. Turn mixer on and pulse for two or three
    seconds until egg is well beaten with water, lemon juice, vinegar, mustard and salts then slowly pull mixer up to incorporate the oil.

    Used this mayo to top fresh almond crusted salmon patties. Will
    try the left over mayo on a BLT for lunch tomorrow! Don’t ever plan
    to buy mayonnaise again! Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

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  26. DC

    Couple of pointers. Olive oil for aioli, same recipe + your own preference tastes. As a container if you have one use your Esiyo container, spins up great. Yoghurt and Mayo same container, not at the same time…lol.

  27. MC

    I made this last night following this recipe, but substituted extra virgin olive oil (for the canola) and substituted old-fashioned dijon mustard for the dijon and for the lemon juice used not fresh lemons but store bought ‘ReaLemon’ lemon juice from concentrate….I followed the instructions for mixing exactly. We all tasted it (3 of us) and it tasted horrible!!!! Not sure what threw it off!?!?! Can someone enlighten me as to which ingredient(s) could have been the culprit?

  28. Liorah

    Holy cow, it worked. I’ve made mayo several times before in the food processor, but today, for some reason, it failed. I googled “mayonnaise didn’t emulsify” and found this. My ancient Braun immersion blender didn’t come with a container so I used a 2-cup measuring cup. I used mustard I’d made myself, mostly olive oil mixed with canola, lemon, one egg, sea salt, and some freeze-dried garlic.


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