Kebab Pizza

A few weeks ago, a Swedish friend contacted me to tell me that she couldn’t believe that we never had discussed kebab pizza. I’m sure that I had discussed both of these foods with her, but in complete isolation. Someone in Sweden has popularised the notion of combining two of the world’s disparate s into something loosely obscene but nonetheless popular in Scandinavia. The photo that I saw looked more like an actual kebab only served flat. Maybe someone in Sweden decided that kebabs needed to be shared in an equitable manner; there is no way to slice a rolled kebab once the meat is removed from the rotating platform.

Kebab pizza

Within a few days of becoming kebab-pizza aware, I discovered that a local pizza joint cooks kebab pizza without me having to con them into it on behalf of a drunken homesick Swede (above pizza).

This version is pizza base, tomato paste, lamb kebab meat, red onion and finished with a generous spray of tzatziki.

Spotted at the sacrilicious Mama Theresa’s, 587 Barkly St, Footscray, VIC, 3011 (Note, March 2011: Mama Theresa’s is now closed. No kebab pizza for you.)

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  1. Robyn

    Actually, rather like a Turkish lahmacun, if the meat were chopped and mixed with the tomato base and the yogurt served on the side in the form of a tall glass of ayran. Which really has me missing Turkey right now.

  2. Phil Lees

    Austin – I forgot your swedish connection.

    Robyn – Is there any decent Turkish in KL? I think that I subconsciously rate how liveable a city is by whether I can get either Lebanese or Turkish food.

  3. Robyn

    Hey Phil – I really haven’t found anything to make me stand up and applaud. There are plenty of Lebanese places, a few Iranian, but the food always leaves me disappointed. Lots of canned ingredients, the yogurt is never as thick or rich as it should be. It’s a mystery too, as most of them are frequented by Middle Easterners (that said, some of them are also fronts for the world’s oldest profession).

    I hold out hope though. But as it stands I do better eating that stuff at home (I do lack a kebab rotisserie, though).

  4. Lucy

    Ah yes the delightful Kebab pizza… We have a local one here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney at – not surprisingly – Kebab world.
    My arteries clog just writing about it…..


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