Kimchi jeon (김치전)

kimchijeon ingredients

I’ve personally eaten half a kilo of kimchi this week. There have been no ill effects. Something about the idea of Korea’s national obsession being shot into space has piqued my tastebuds. Their mastery of the controlled fermentation of coleslaw is no longer earthbound.

A recipe for kimchi jeon is about the laziest that a recipe can be before it becomes a convenience food. If I described it as a kimchi pancake, then chances are that you could cook one just by guessing, even if you didn’t know kimchi from Lil’ Kim. There are four ingredients and if you’re reading this blog, I’ll bet that you already own three of them.


100gms of plain flour
150gms of kimchi
2 eggs
100ml of water

Kimchijeon batter

Mix flour, eggs and water, stir through kimchi.


Fry on both sides, then cut into bite-size pieces.

5 Comments Kimchi jeon (김치전)

  1. Jonathan

    Just bumped into your site from TasteSpotting, while eating kimchi for lunch.

    Gotta love the probiotics.

    Thanks for the recipe; can’t wait to try it.

  2. anna

    Well, persannly i go with a bit of Pork onion and tabasco. and put them in the pan one by one with a spoon. until i have about 6 little pancakes in the pan.

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