Loc Lac Variation Spotting

Loc Lac with sliced boiled egg
Image via Serving Sake to a Serb

Loc Lac (as I’ve talked about before) is one of those dishes in Cambodia that has no authentic version but multitude variations – pretty much any dish which has a primary component of cubed, stir-fried beef fits the bill, which can be fried with anything insofar as it remains brownish.

The accompaniments are where the rot sets in and is where the most disagreement amongst Cambodian food enthusiasts lies. The above loc lac from Seattle Weekly’s food blogger adds sliced, boiled egg. This is a new variation to which I’m not averse.

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  1. Street Foodie

    As long as it involves steak, tomatoes and a little pot of kampot pepper and lime sauce on the side you could add any for all I care! Timely post as I plan on making this this week – I’m going to use little patatas bravas – style cubes of potato instead of rice.


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