Melbourne Restaurant Name Generator

Not sure what to name that new cafe or restaurant that you’ve lovingly crafted from rotting couches in a Melbourne laneway? Can’t find an fitting piece of pornocracy or Italian horror film to print on your disposable coffee cups?

All you need to do is combine an honorific of some kind with the name of a character on Mad Men, or parts of a spaghetti Western with a radio call sign. Or do all four at once and then follow whatever food trend is hot right now.

I think you should name it:

Press reload for more random free advice.

There is a one in nine hundred chance that you’ll get the exact name of a real restaurant. Sorry.

11 Comments Melbourne Restaurant Name Generator

  1. AJ

    This is pure gold, my friend. I do adore a random mashing, and found the description of my restaurant (‘Mauve Robert’) so enchanting, that I ran it through ‘I Write Like’ ( Apparently, the generator is actually spitting out James Joyce.

  2. agyragóbogár

    I love your generators! I am looking to open a blog but I still can’t figure out a name. Was playing with your generators for days :D No name for the blog, but at least I had a lot of fun!

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  4. Jamal

    Where can I find name ideas for my soon to be restaurant, we will serve many different food from many cultures?


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