Monteith’s Doppelbock Winter Ale

It’s probably no great surprise that I’m a sucker for seasonal beers: they’re a key diversion for the neophiliac drinker. They give brewers the chance to bring their wilder experiments to market without the threat of destroying the good name of a brewery. If they’re a disastrous mistake, at least it is fleeting. If the beer is a success, you’ll have an excruciating wait until next year.

Monteith's "Doppelbock" Winter Ale

Monteith’s Doppelbock Winter Ale is back in season; it is a rich, malty and alcoholic ale that is out of style, if you’re a beer purist. It is not a doppelbock by any stretch of the imagination (a “A very strong and rich lager” according to the BJCP style guidelines), so I’m not sure why the doppelbock deception made its way onto the diminutive 330ml bottle. Frankly, I can’t say the word “doppelbock” often enough, armed with the knowledge that it translates as double-goat from German, so I can understand their conceit.

Monteith’s say: “A profound enveloping winter beer. Monteith’s Doppelbock Winter Ale is a smoothly rich beer with a dense head, a powerful aroma, and chocolatey malt notes ñ the perfect way to cheer yourself up this winter. ”

I say: Is it legal to say that beer cures seasonal affective disorder? In the glass, this faux-doppelbock bears a striking resemblance to Coca-Cola, brownish-black and thin. Dull aroma and a fading head, like an elderly uncle. The flavour is heavy on the malt with a touch of allspice. In previous seasons, Monteith’s was producing a more intriguing and richer brew than this from their New Zealand brewery. They can do better in the coming seasons.

ABV: 6%

3 Comments Monteith’s Doppelbock Winter Ale

  1. Gem

    I used to be a mad keen fan of the Monteith Black and then I tried this. It was so delicious. And yes, it does rather resemble the colour of cola. One of my highlights last winter!

  2. ashley obrien

    I have been a regular imbiber of the so delicious dopplebock since it was first brewed by monteiths…the recipe has changed somewhat, and the alcohol content decreased from 7.2 down to 6 percent, and along with that a definite decrease in that mysterious flavour I lusted after! but never the less, it is still a beer that stands out from the croud, and says I AM THE KING!!!…..and so it is….

  3. stuartcooper

    I just had some on tap in a Sydney bar, in May 2012. Oh, how yummy it was.
    It helped that it was accompanied by delicious Lamb Shanks lunch.
    I love the Montieth’s dark beer and have been on the Montieth’s brewery
    tour in Greymouth on the South Island. What a fine tour that was.


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