My head on SBS

A while back I foretold a grim future where bloggers would be hired up by major media players. That future is this afternoon. I’ve just started work on Special Broadcasting Service’s new (as yet untitled) world food blog. The site is still a bit shaky – no commenting/trackbacks/RSS yet – but it’s a start on the weird geometry where the line between journalist and blogger ceases to be meaningful.

This week, I cook lamb mechoui from the Food Safari back catalogue and conjecture on the size of Maeve O’Meara’s hands.

Addendum (10 May 2008): Comments are on, no RSS, social sharing buttons still a bit patchy.

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  1. grocer

    love it already!

    I have been trying to do something similar as a sideline to promoting my business – showing how easy it can be to whack a a dish together. In doing so I have recently attempted a few of the SBS food safari dishes…

    I’ve posted on
    Thit Heo Kho (Vietnamese pork) – absolutely sensational and easy to follow once you get your hands on the young coconut!

    I’ve yet to pull the rendang images together, and Tiffany Wong’s Hainanese Chicken Rice is still on the “to do” list.

    I think doing this is a wonderful idea. The recipes are mostly from the home cook, so are more approachable than the chef shows. Now if only you could stop Maeve from doing THAT groan as she samples each dish!

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  3. Ed

    You didn’t mention the rotisserie. What else is lurking in your cupboards? Good to see you again Monday. It ended messy.


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