One Food Blogger per 120,000 Australians

I updated my list of Australian food bloggers and in my post-work statistical analysis haze, I pulled out Excel. There are 176 blogs in my list, broken down as follows:

State No. of Blogs
WA 12
NSW 43
SA 7
VIC 82
QLD 16
ACT 11
Tas 5
NT 0

As percentages, the results seem pretty obvious: food-obsessed Melburnians creating the bulk of the food blogs followed by NSW and the other smaller states lagging behind.

food bloggers by state

But then we haven’t adjusted for population differences.

food bloggers per inhabitant

The surprise: in the ACT there is one food blogger per 30,983 inhabitants, the clear leaders when it comes to producing food bloggers. NSW and WA produce food bloggers at roughly the same rate (one per 161,092 people and one per 177,566 people respectively).

If you write a food blog in Australia, you’re one in 120,330 people.

If you’re missing from the list, let me know.

4 Comments One Food Blogger per 120,000 Australians

  1. Suzie

    Very interesting – and I wonder whether ACT’s prominence also is linked to their higher income and technology penetration. No surprise re Victoria’s dominance… the rest of the country is behind on lots of food-related measures.

  2. Lemuel Gabriel

    I am a new kid in town, Harlooooow Adelaide! Yeah, I am a blogger from where I come from, then my world went crumbling down when I moved here. Now I’m rising from the ashes and I will be back blogging. My personal blog doesn’t specialise anything. I have everything on it. Which works for me. See you around lovelies, LEML


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