Queen Victoria Market Borek

Borek stall at Queen Victoria Market

Having Austin around did act as a handy reminder of the unparalleled diversity of food in Melbourne. For example, I live in a suburb dominated by two of the most disparate of the world’s cuisines: Ethiopian and Vietnamese. As I wander about a market named after an English monarch, I snack on Turkish (or maybe, Balkan(?)) street food because I can’t help myself.

Borek, QV Market

This borek is a spicy lamb-filled pastry, baked in flat rows on a tray, on site at the Queen Victoria Market. Served hot, the oil oozing from the pastry burns through the paper bag. They also do spinach and cheese, which compared to the lamb, is almost superfluous.

A decent length of borek still retails for $2.50; one of the great Melbourne bargain street foods.

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  1. DJ

    just as i was sitting here in Cambodge thinking how much i miss ricotta cheese, fetta cheese, oh ok any kind of decent white cheese at all really, you had to go and post THAT photo! now i’m drooling. :(

  2. KD

    Borek is definitely Turkish in origin (like most Balkan food), and the way they do it here is in that tradition.

    Macedonian burek is in my opinion the best of the Balkan bureks – Balkan Fresh Burek near Preston market. A burek and a yogurt from BFB can destroy a hangover.

    You gotta know how to order it at the Vic Mkt too: push straight to the front with your $2.50. The ladies have contempt for liner uppers…

  3. Gilbert

    Those boreks are my absolute favourite- hands-down one of the best bargains in the Queen Victoria Markets. I buy them everytime I visit the markets.

    It’s amazing how each batch sells out in minutes- but the turnover ensures you get them fresh and hot. Yum.

  4. Ree

    I have Borek everytime I visit Melbourne, I love it , it is so good and I agree the Lamb is the best option -does anyone or wll anyone get the recipe from those lovely Turkish ladies for me – I dont live in Melbourne and I would love to make it at home -I tell everyone visiting Melbourne to go to the market and have the spicy lamb borek -can anyone help?

    1. Garry

      every time we visit Melbourne from Brissy we take home a bunch of Boreks from Vic Markets. Just wrap them up well and put them in your bag if going straight to the airport, or if you have time freeze them individually wrapped. We just defrost them on the bench and pop them in a sandwich toaster, like a George Forman, and there you go, instant borek hit 1500 klm’s from Melbourne. Yum!

  5. Alina

    I love cheese borek and borek with potatoes&herbs. Never tried to make it at home though… the last time I had one was in Croatia, but it was not so good :(

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