My new baby

No, I’m not having a real baby. Don’t get your hopes up, Mum.

Nikon D40X with 18-55mm kit

I’ve finally taken the plunge and invested in a real camera: a Nikon D40X. My point-and-shoot Olympus C-740 was reaching the end of its life: I had worn off the rubber eyepiece from having it pressed against me so often, and was beginning to wear a hole in shutter button. I was also annoyed at how poorly it performed in low light. The things that you don’t notice when you begin taking photos like chromatic aberration, barrel distortion and the weird blue cast that sometimes falls over my food shots began to grind.

North Melbourne Town Hall, by night

I haven’t had much of a chance to play with the Nikon yet because it was night, but above is the North Melbourne Town Hall.