I don’t understand the attraction of takoyaki. They’re balls of octopus and gluten served fresh on the streets of Japan, coated in a three types of umami: mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and their own special barbecue sauce. They turn out of their aebleskiver-like pans with a gluey consistency, a barely formed crust holding the octopus within, not quite cooked through but enough so that they are slightly rubbery. I don’t see the need to adulterate a perfectly good chance to barbecue octopus by itself. The batter seems superfluous.

Japan is mad for them. Within Tokyo, I doubt that you’re ever further than 500 metres away from the nearest chance to eat balled octopus.

7 Comments Takoyaki

  1. Amanda

    Hmm, I was thinking they looked quite tasty until I read your description, now I think I’ve gone off the whole idea, although the added condiments still sound good.

  2. Nathan

    Akashi-yaki is a more subtle take on takoyaki octopus balls. They are a local dish in Akashi City in Hyogo, just west of the Kobe. Fluffy omelette-like egg spheres cooked with local octopus and eaten in dashi broth with mitsuba (wild chervil?) leaves. In summer you can ask for cold broth. Served on slanting wooden boards. Delicious.


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