Vietnamese Food Glossary

bánh mì

Bánh mì thịt heo nướng
Bánh mì thịt heo nướng

bánh mì: (Banh Mi) is a Vietnamese sandwich, made with a short Vietnamese baguette, coriander, shredded pickled carrot, daikon/green papaya and meat of your choice.

banh mi bi: Vietnamese sandwich with shredded pork skin, often deep-fried.
banh mi ca moi: Vietnamese sandwich with sardines, directly from the can.
banh mi cha lua: Vietnamese sandwich with a thinly-sliced dense pork sausage, made from ground pork meat wrapped in either banana leaves or aluminium foil and then steamed.
banh mi dac biet: The “house special” Vietnamse sandwich with whatever happens to be special to the vendor on that day.
banh mi ga: Vietnamese sandwich with chicken, generally boiled/steamed and shredded.
banh mi heo quay: Vietnamese sandwich with Chinese roast pork.
banh mi nem chua: Vietnamese sandwich with pounded, fermented pork.
banh mi nem nuong: Vietnamese sandwich with barbecued pork patties, often made with garlic.
banh mi pha lau: Vietnamese sandwich with barbecued pork intestine.
banh mi thit nguoi: Vietnamese sandwich with mixed meats.
banh mi thit heo nuong: Vietnamese sandwich with grilled marinated pork.
banh mi thit xa xiu: Vietnamese sandwich with Chinese barbecued pork.
banh mi trưng chienVietnamese baguette with eggs, most often cooked as an omelette, but occasionally fried.
banh mi xiu mai: Vietnamese sandwich with steamed pork ball.


Pho from Pho Dzung Melbourne
phở bo, with accompaniments

phở: (Pho, pronounced “fuh” with the u as in “but”) is an iconic Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of a clear meaty broth filled with rice noodles, cuts of meat, and topped with fresh green herbs.

pho bo: beef soup noodles.
pho ga: chicken soup noodles.
pho lon: pork soup noodles.
pho bo tai: sliced rare beef soup noodles.
pho bo vien: noodle soup with meatballs.
phở bắc: literally “Northern” pho, noodle soup from Hanoi and surrounds that tends to use wider rice noodles than Southern pho as well as green onions.

Vendors may also offer the following items to be added to your soup:

gan: beef tendon
gau: beef brisket
nam: flank steak
sach: tripe
dan: egg

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