Welcome, ABC 774 listeners

Cheers to Lindy Burns for the interview and fellow interviewee Ellie from Breakfast Out. I managed to get in shout outs to Austin Bush, Noodlepie and the morbidly obese dog.

Apologies for dissembling on the best pho in Melbourne question – I’m still not sure where that is.

4 Comments Welcome, ABC 774 listeners

  1. Adam

    I find it funny how guys like you and noodlepie continue to live off your former glory as food bloggers in SE Asia.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    1. Phil Lees

      I tend to get more press under my current glory as SBS food blogger – although it is an interesting point – people seem to be much more interested in my Cambodian work now that I’m back in Australia and writing about something else.

  2. Juz

    Hi Phil, I’ve enjoyed your blog for about 6 months but haven’t commented before. Just wanted to give you a back-pat for the interview. BTW the ABC is hosting an MP3 at this link:

    I think you handled the question of pho quite deftly. It annoys me a little that some people seem so obsessed with finding the “best” of everything, particularly food and drink. That’s not to say that excellence is to be frowned upon, but why do we obsess so much about whether the coffee here, or the noodle soup there, is the best. It smacks a little of the Necia Wilden syndrome of name-dropping ingredients instead of just trying a few different options until you find one that’s tasty and works for you.

  3. Ellie Parker

    Hey Phil
    Thanks again for giving me such wonderful advice- I really am grateful. You are a veritable fountain of knowledge!
    Also, the whole “best pho/ eggs benedict” question is also really getting my goat. In fact, I think rating restaurants (using “made up” point scoring systems) is similarly misleading and futile.
    Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you!


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