French Fry Coated Hot Dog On a Stick: The Recipe

I shouldn’t be left unattended in the kitchen.

French fry coated hotdog

One thing that struck me about finding the French fry coated hot dog on a stick in South Korea was that they were doing it wrong, the sort of cultural misunderstanding that happens when one culture cooks the food of an unrelated and unattached culture and then impales said food on a wooden stick.

Firstly, the hot dog on a stick wasn’t coated in real American fries but chunks of potato and secondly, the hot dog batter was wheat flour rather than a more American corn dog batter. If Americans had have first cooked this one handed food, it would probably be a very different but equally deadly beast. So I set about cooking myself an American-style French fry coated hotdog.

I cooked the French fries from scratch which is entirely un-American: feel free to use the frozen variety.


One hotdog
One large russet burbank potato
Plenty of oil for deep frying

For the batter:

100gms of plain flour
75gms of cornmeal
1 egg
2 teaspoons of sugar
half a cup of milk


Russet Burbank Potato

Find yourself a russet burbank potato, about the length of a hotdog.


Peel the potato then slice into french fries in a mandolin slicer (or do it by hand). Set aside.

Corndog batter

Mix together the dry batter ingredients, add the egg and the milk. Mix to a thick paste, adding more milk if it is too dry: you’re aiming at the batter being thick and sticky rather than runny like a real corn dog batter, slightly more viscous than a dough. Set aside.


Fry the french fries in oil until golden. Remove from the oil onto a paper towel.

French fry coated hotdog

Coat the hotdog in the batter, then glue the french fries to the dog as best you can. Drop this monstrosity back into the boiling oil and fry until the french fries begin to brown.

French fry coated hotdog
Le Pogo et frites

Remove from the oil and poke a stick into it. Call your cardiologist to make preliminary enquiries about heart surgery. Enjoy.

And then with the leftovers, I cooked French fry coated bacon.

90 Comments French Fry Coated Hot Dog On a Stick: The Recipe

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  4. Pam M

    You did it wrong. After you cook the fries cut them up into smaller pieces then put them in the batter. then coat hot dog and fry.

  5. Mike

    “Call your cardiologist to make preliminary enquiries about heart surgery.”

    Hmmm… sounds like you’re doing something wrong. VERY wrong.

    Either that, or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I’ll agree with frying the potatoes for a second time, but when I fry french fries, I found that I use on average 11 grams of oil on 600 grams of shoestrings. Also, I use vegetable oil which doesn’t contain any cholesterol.
    But hey, it’s your kitchen “narrative”.

    I think smaller fires, or perhaps thickly shredded potatoes would work better, in terms of cooking and texture.

    1. Brady Kelly

      @Mike, while we’re criticising accuracies, your closing comment refers:

      “I think smaller fires, or perhaps thickly shredded potatoes would work better, in terms of cooking and texture.”

      I think smaller fires always work better in the kitchen.

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  8. Vu

    For all of you who are complaining about heart attacks and what not need to relax! 1 is not going to send you to your death bed.

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  15. riddly

    This is pretty nauseating, but as a Scottish person, I hold the trump card- may I refer you to the deep-fried Mars bar? Or any of the other deep-fried chocolate treats we indulge in……

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  19. Heater

    I’m going to take it a step further…rather than dealing with the fries…I’m going hashbrown shredded potatoes…oh yeah, it’s happening!


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