Australian Food Blogs

Following is my list of every food blog in Australia, at least, every one that I have come across.

If your blog about food happens to be missing, has been placed in the wrong Australian state, or you happen to come across a dead link to a blog, then let me know by emailing phil (at) If you’d like your blog removed for any or no reason, I’ll take it down.


Western Australian/Perth Food Blogs

NSW/Sydney Food Blogs

South Australian/Adelaide Food Blogs

Queensland/Brisbane food blogs


Victorian/Melbourne Food Blogs

ACT/Canberra Food Blogs

Tasmanian/Hobart Food Blogs


30 Comments Australian Food Blogs

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  2. Georgina Siddall

    Hi Phil, I’m a new food blogger (based on Sunshine Coast, Queensland) and would love to be considered for inclusion on your list.

    I am a passionate home cook and am always looking for new places to eat and shop for food. My blog focuses on intelligent eating, which is not just about making healthy choices but also about maximising your food and entertaining budget, reducing food wastage, and eating sustainably. Cheers!

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  4. Chris Wake

    Hi Phil, I had no idea there were so many food blogs – just fantastic, I am a horticulturist and I have a food blog that is based on nutrition and I would love to be included on your list for Adelaide Cheers!

  5. Damien

    Hi Phil,
    A new blog about the life and times of hospitality, food wine and service as seen through the eyes of myself who is currently involved in the industry, situated in Brisbane. I would love to be included in your reference list. Many thanks
    The Mad Maitre d’

  6. marcellina

    It’s great to have such a wonderful list of food bloggers! I’m always eager to check out a food blog and learn more. I am a food blogger from Queensland and would also love to be added to your list. Thank you!

  7. Josephine

    Hi Phil, I’m a new blogger from Melbourne. My blog is Burp! Appetit and I hope you could add my blog into your comprehensive list. Thanks very much

  8. Gemmi

    My Foodie Blog’s not much more than a week old at the moment, but I’d like to be included on your list when you update if you do.

  9. Amanda


    I’ve really enjoy reading your blog and I’ve discovered some excellent Bloggers through your list.

    Just thought I’d mention my Perth Food Blog (The Chef, His Wife and their PERTH fect Life) and if you’d like to add it to your list that would be great!! Cheers :)

  10. Giulia

    Hi Phil,

    I am a Canberran based food blogger and would love to be included in your list! I am taking a look at a couple of them now!


  11. Kate

    Hi Phil. I have a food blog featuring recipes and reviews of restaurants and cafés in Melbourne. Thanks for posting this list – helps me to slope around and see what other bloggers are cooking, eating and writing. I would love to be included. Thanks.

  12. usman


    This is an amazing list of food blogs. I always look for blogs which give good information about food and diet. I am very thankful to you for making y search very ease.

  13. Cherry

    Hey, I’ve recently rebranded my blog, it used to be ‘Cherry The Chef’ but now its ‘Buttered Grapes’ I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind adding it again under its new name? Have a lovely day!

  14. Georgina

    Hi Phil, I am a Brazilian-Australian who lives in Tasmania and cooking, writing recipes and taking photos are my great passions. It would be great if you could add my brand new blog to your list: Thank you!


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